Help! How to Prevent Blisters When Running?! Feedback Welcome!

Ok fellow runners, I am in desperate need of some advice. 

I have been trying to get back into my running since my concussion. My running seems to be coming along well, but I am getting blisters on the arches of my feet. I can comfortably run 3-4.5 KM before I start to feel the blisters, at this point I could continue running if is wasn’t for the blisters. I am getting frustrated with always having blisters on my feet. I have experimented with different socks, thicker or thinner but neither seems to bring me any relief. I have tried putting baby powder on my feet before running which doesn’t seem to help. I have also attempted to wrap my feet but that makes it worse.

I have had these shoes for about 6-8 months. They seem to still be holding up very well and I would hate to have to get a new pair. I wasn’t sure if any of you have come across these issues. Any help/suggestions/articles would help a ton! 



5 Things Guys Will Never Understand About Women

Have you ever said something to the man in your life and he, for the life of him, couldn’t seem to grasp the concept? We have all been there, it is so frustrating when we, as women, try to get our point across and our guys just don’t seem to get it! Here are 5 things that I have noticed over the years that guys just may never get.

  1. Proper ettiquette when I am crying – when I am crying, it is because I am sad (or stressed, overtired, so angry I don’t know what else to do, ect.) please don’t look at me and tell me to stop crying, it wont help. Don’t stand there looking shell-shocked, get your butt over here, wrap your arms around me and hold me. And for heavens sake, for your safety, refrain from asking me “what are you crying about now?” If I want to tell you, I will, otherwise hold me and keep quiet, I will love you for it.
  2. Why I need ‘SOOO’ many pairs of shoes – look in my closet, I have a rainbow of assorted wedges, heels, flats, boots, flip flops, runners, ect. Why do I need ‘so many’ pairs? Well since guys just don’t understand the need to match shoes to outfits I like to answer my hubby’s question with another question. Hubby: “Why do you need SOOO many shoes?” Me: “Why do you need SOOO many tools? Why do you need three different tool boxes? Why do you need a million different ball caps that you leave all over the house?” He still doesn’t understand why I need all my shoes, but at least he doesn’t question it anymore. I leave his garage alone and he doesn’t look in my shoe closet, great deal I think.
  3. Why do I eat healthy, exercise and try to get him to participate – Believe it or not, this is a question my Hubby has actually asked me. “Why do you eat healthy, exercise and then make me eat healthy and walk with you??” He honestly didn’t understand. Guys, we eat healthy and work out because we want to be the best/healthiest versions of ourselves that we can be. We want to be happy and confident in ourselves. We try to get you to do the same because we are trying to counteract some of the wings, beer and corn dogs that we know you eat when you go out with the guys (no matter how you swear up and down that you ordered a salad and didn’t drink, we see right through that guys!) We worry about you and would like you around for a long time, we are kind of attached to you after all, and it would be such a hassle to replace you. (joking! We love you!)
  4. Why we insist we do not want fries with our dinner but then eat some off your plate – women like to share food. To us it is an intimate thing. Most of us would not steal fries off a stranger’s plate, but when we feel close and comfortable with someone, we like to share things with them. Yes that applies to your food, don’t like it? Get over it because we share our food with you, our delicious ‘light’ treats that you roll your eyes at but secretly sneak from the cupboard because you think they are delicious (*side eyes Hubby – I know you are getting into my crisps, they were just opened and now they are empty… hmmm cookie monster much?) Also, I secretly have a theory, I know it is incorrect but I will stick by it 100% because it is awesome. Food off someone else’s plate is somehow WAY more delicious then the same food if it was on your own plate. Don’t believe me? Test it out.
  5. Why we love to wear your clothes – your sweaters, button up shirts, socks, jackets, ball caps or even boxers. Why do women love to wear their man’s clothes? Honestly? We aren’t really sure on this one either. Perhaps it is because it makes us feel small when we know that your clothes are extra big on us. Maybe it is because we love lounging around the house in your button up shirt… or we get chilly so we climb into your too-big hoodie. Regardless of why, enjoy it.

Wahoo! It is Friday folks! Which means, because I am super lazy, I am going to be filling y’all in with some quick bullet points (yess! My FAV!!)

  • I am officially on day 6 back to work (half days but it still counts I tell you!) 
  • My headaches have been very few and far between which is a wonderful think! You never really appreciate not being in pain until you are always in pain.
  • I feel like I have really neglected this blog over the last little while – I have really missed jotting down my thoughts these past couple weeks so I am really happy to be able to come back . I’ve finally been cleared to get back to physical activites and moderated computer use so you should feel special, that I am spending my limited time online here, just sayin.
  • I have been really dedicated to excessive lately. I wake up early to get a workout in or make time in the afternoon to have a quick sweat session. I haven’t lost any weight (sad face) but I feel my clothes are getting looser and my body feels tighter (is that possible?)
  • I am really into painting my nails lately, I suppose with all my extra time it only makes sense, but if they even chip a little, I am all over re-painting them!
  • I am LOVING this nice weather. I was getting really sick of the snow
  • I am going to start trying to make an effort to get back into the swing of blogging… its a habit right? Thats what I think anyways.

Spring into Spring


I had my doctors appointment on Tuesday… I was hoping that I would be cleared for work. So I strolled into the doctors office with high hopes… only to realize their stupid florecent lights immediately gave me a headache!

Honestly, why do they have those stupid lights in there any how!?

Anyways, I wait patiently for my doctor and tried to find a spot to be comfortable where there werent many lights. After my doctor checked me over, she regretfully informed me that she is not satisfied enough with my progress for me to retun to work, not even part time!

So, I get to spend more time at home, going for walks with my Monster, as that is really all I can do at the moment. My 5K run is this weekend, my Mom is still going and I am seriously considering running it anyways as running doesnt bother my head…. but I guess I will likely see how I feel that day.

How do you deal with injuries? Do you wait the specified heal time or do you go back earlier?

Day one return to work

I got to go back to work today. I never throught id be that excited to walk through those doors.

I am only allowed to work half days this week, so after I finished work I went grocery shopping and did some running around. I bought somw mini eggs and endulged…. isnt it funny how when you are endulging, you dont really care what you are eating but afterwards you feel guilty? That is 100% what is happening right now… sadly now that I think about it, they werent worth it.

Anyways im going to have a nap and then take Hurley for a walk…. ill try to take some pictures and post them.

Woes of a concussed runner

Today it is officially a week since I got my concussion and to say that I am going insane is an understatement. I cannot watch more then an hour of tv without getting a headache, im not allowed to work until cleared by my doctor and worst of all, I am not permitted to run.

Mom and I signed up for a 5k run on April 13th. I havent ran in over a week. Im going crazy. Im worried I will not be able to complete this race.

Yesterday while sitting at my kitchen table, sipping tea and attempting to play solitaire (difficult to do when you cannot concentrate) I seen a girl running down my street and I actually felt jealous. Not of her running outfit, how thin she was or how easily she ran. I felt jealous because she was doing what I wanted to be doing. I had to pause for a moment and assess that emotion because it was a first for me, I’ve never been jealous because someone is running and I cannot.

I dont mind not watching tv, you better believe my house is getting very clean, very quickly. I miss my job, a break was nice in the beginning but I would be happy to go back anytime. I miss being busy, I dont need this much spare time. All of the things this concussion has effected have been tolerable, except the running. I feel like I should be  out there. I feel like I should be training. I need to be moving, I need to workout, I need to do something!  This is driving me nuts.

Anyways, I appoligize for not writting more lately, but apparently computers and phones are restricted for me as well.. booo. Hope you all enjoy the spring weather! And go for a run for me will ya?